Signs of Depression in Men

Signs of Depression in Men

You may be wondering why we segregate signs of depression in men from depression in women! Isn’t it the same thing really? Depression is depression! Why are signs of depression in men different?

Well it wasn’t that long ago that depression was said to be associated with women. Signs of depression in men were very much “under the radar” and not discussed openly. It is much more acceptable, these days, to talk about the signs of depression in men. There has been a tremendous amount of research conducted in recent years that points to the fact that depression affects men and women alike. The actual signs of depression in men vary according to different sources throughout the world. However, it is safe to say that a significant number of men will suffer episodes of depression each and every year.

The strange fact is that even with these reliable statistics, signs of depression in men is talked about and openly discussed less than depression in women. Why is that? Possibly it is because men are more secretive and less open about personal medical matters than women. This may be due to the cultural concept that persists about men having to remain “strong” and “masculine” in all they do. Of course many of these pre-conceived notions and barriers are gradually being broken down.

It is important to ensure the early recognition of the symptoms or the warning signs of depression in men. Men tend to “signs of depression in men”ignore symptoms or early warning signs of many medical conditions and depression is just one of these. However you look at it, in many instances, men for whatever reason, just ignore things in the hope that it will go away.

Depression in general falls into two categories, that of emotional symptoms and physical symptoms. Unfortunately men are less prone to talk about and indeed recognize the emotional aspects of depression. Physical signs of depression in men are perhaps more readily recognized by others close to the man who is suffering from depression.

It may be that in order to deal with the signs of depression in men, they need a little help and guidance from those close to them. Therefore, when considering depression in men it is worth taking a closer look at the symptoms of depression.

Signs of Depression In Men – Recognizing The Symptoms

There are many symptoms of depression that are displayed by both men and women. These include:

  • Low mood levels or sadness.
  • Lack of joy or interest in activities that may well have been joyful or happy before.
  • Pessimism or the feelings of pessimism.
  • Feelings of guilt without any substantial or reasonable reasons to feel guilty.
  • Thoughts and feelings of inferiority, for no real or appreciable reason.
  • Irritability and heightened levels of grumpiness.
  • Slowness or perhaps a noticeable slowing down in the thought process.
  • Slowness in interpreting and reacting to sensorial stimuli.
  • Slowness or lethargy of the digestive system, or other internal physical processes.
  • Slow or labored physical reactions.

It is important, when looking specifically at the signs of depression in men to acknowledge that there are some additional warning signs to look out for:

  • Feelings of aggression or exhibiting episodes of inappropriate rage. Men will often repress their emotions for long periods and then they are prone to aggressive or violent outbursts.
  • A noticeable increase in alcohol consumption and/or possibly drug use. Turning to drugs or alcohol, as opposed to dealing with their emotions by talking and discussing their problems, are typical signs of depression in men.
  • There is often a marked increase in risk taking. This can manifest in dangerous driving, gambling and any number of other dangerous pursuits not normally associated with the man in question.
  • Marked changes in sexual behavior. This can present as either a lack of interest in sexual activity or an increase in sexual activity, often involving paid for sex!
  • Obsession with work. Men often throw themselves into work to the exclusion of all other things.

It is vital to recognize the signs of depression in men as early as possible. There are many forms of treatment available, many of which are self help cures. There are a number of recommended treatments and cures available within the pages of this website. Do not ignore the signs of depression in men – help is at hand!!!

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