Top Private Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu

Private Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is considered as one of the finest hub of medical education. The best of the private medical colleges in Tamil Nadu are listed below.

1. Sri Ramachandra University

The Sri Ramachandra University is a deemed University with an A grade Accreditation from NAAC. It was established in the year 1985. Later in the years, it had its name changed to the Sri Ramachandra medical college and research institute. It is considered one of the best private medical colleges in Tamil Nadu. It constitutes of the state’s largest private medical college with a medical center that involves a bedded facility of over 1800. The medical facility stated above is a tertiary care centre and has
the largest ICU in the state and the latest facilities and the technologies that are available. The university conducts medical courses on a grand scale. With over 99 courses in medicine, dental, pharmacy, nursing and many other allied medical health care courses. Along with that, the institute conducts many research programs that help in providing the latest medical research along with being the centre of excellence for research.

Recently the institute reached new heights with its collaboration with the dental department of University of Hong Kong. Along with this, all the departments of the institute are ISO 9001:2000 certified. The institute also has laboratories that are NABL certified. The nursing program of the institute runs in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin.

2. CMC Vellore

The Christian medical college in Vellore is one India’s topmost medical college and the best of the private medical colleges in Tamil Nadu. The college was basically established to help and educate the minority community of the country. But in the later years, the program was opened for all. The college offers a wide range of courses in medicine, dental, nursing and several of the allied health care courses that are associated with a hospital. The college is associated with a vast infrastructure of the hospital that has recently added 130 beds to the ward. The hospital is also associated with several overseas benefactors like those in Australia, Germany, Canada, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Sweden, UK and USA.

Apart from educating the medical students, the college conducts several programs and workshops that keep the staff of the hospital updated with the latest technologies. The workshops also include topics like Guidance to career choice, critical care and data management, early management of trauma care and perioperative nursing standards.

Being one of the best medical colleges in the country, it organises several guest lectures along with topics for continuing medical and nursing courses. Topics like laboratory method in medical mycology, Lupus revolution, Geriatric rehabilitation are covered in these guest lectures.

3. SRM University, Tiruchirappalli

The SRM University situated in Tiruchirappalli is one the largest university in the country. It offers a whole plethora of courses and has many colleges that together form the university. One such college is the SRM medical college hospital and research centre. The colleges offer a huge variety of medical courses and several allied courses from which the students can choose from. The college initially started in 2005 with a student strength of 150 in the medical course. The university also has a separate dental course that is managed by the dental college. The dental campus has the latest technologies after being established in 2007. The college has an intake of 100 dental students per year. The dental college also has several super specialty departments in the facility such as dental surgery, community dentistry, oral pathology and many more.

The university has a separate department for health sciences that focuses mainly on research facilities and therefore aim to improve human and animal health conditions. The college offers several side courses such as clinical psychology, optometry, BASLP, imaging technology, and dialysis technician training. The college has also started a Ph.D program that has helped the medical students to continue their education in the field of research.

4. PSG college of Medical Science and Research

The PSG college of medical sciences and research is situated in Coimbatore. The college is run by a charitable trust that was established in 1926. Apart from the institute of medical science and research the college also has separate medical facilities for the allied sciences such as nursing, paramedical science and pharmacy.

The PSG institute of medical sciences and research itself was founded in 1985. It has a variety of courses at both the bachelor and the specialty and as well as the super specialty level. The college is also associated with the hospital of the trust, therefore the teaching hospital helps the students to have a hands on practice along with giving them clinical resources.

The institute has its own weekly meeting to oversee several activities that go on. Along with this, the hospital of the institute is also affiliated with the PSG institutes of pharmacy, nursing and paramedical science.

To overcome the barriers of medicine and diseases, the institute also runs a full fledged research department. This department has been working on several latest developments in science and on projects related to epigenetics, proteomics and cancer biology. The research department of the institute also offers a course of postgraduate Diploma in Bioethics.

5. ACS Medical college and Hospital

The ACS medical college and hospital has a very efficient Faculty of Medical Sciences. With this, the college has a huge number of intake for students every year. The hospital that is associated with the college is equipped with the latest technologies and services.

The students are taught several courses and subjects related to medicine such as Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology and physiology. Apart from the regular courses, the students of the college are nurtured to have a researcher’s attitude with the help of the ‘continuing medical education’ program. Under this program, guest lectures are being taken by eminent professionals who have excelled in the area of medical research on several topics like acute coronary syndrome or management of diabetes. The institute also takes an active part in the ongoing ICMR research projects.
The institute has several facilities to enhance the quality of education and help the students in their studies. Some of these facilities include central laboratory, library, seminar hall, anti ragging committee, and clinical material. The students are selected for this program via two methods. One is on the basis of a selective examination that is being conducted.  And if the student is a B.Sc graduate then on the basis of the graduation marks the selection is performed.

The hospital associated with the college helps the students to get experience while learning the different aspects of medicine. The daily operations that are taking place at the hospital are observed closely by the students and thus help in their learning experience.

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