Most Popular Indian Cities as Medical Tourism

India being one of the developing countries offers treatment to most of the expensive diseases atquite an affordable price. In order to achieve the best treatment at the most affordable price, India has emerged as a whole sector of medical tourism.

Being a growing sector in India, medical tourism has a worth of more than $5 billion and has an estimated forecast of around $10 billion by 2020. The main features or benefits that are offered by the medical tourism sector in India is its low cost, high quality of care, and the ease of reaching the desired destination.

Below are listed the top five destinations in India that account for more than 90% of the revenue that is being generated by the sector. Apart from this,  a large numbers of patient  from various corners of the country travel across to reach out these cities very frequently.

New Delhi

New Delhi, the capital of India, offers world class treatment and houses most of the leading hospitals in the country. Hospitals like Fortis La Femme and Fortis escorts heart institute provide a wide variety of procedure that ranges from cosmetic surgeries and bariatric surgeries to complicated neurosurgical procedures. Private hospitals like these offer a world class state of art infrastructure along with the latest facilities. Some of the hospitals even have an international travel department that helps in the accommodation of hotels or arranging of international flights.

They also provide the service of pickup and drop off service to the airports. Thus, making it quite easier for the patients and their family members. Several of the hospitals situated here have international branches that help in increasing their area of contact. They have complete 24*7 patient care service and laboratory services that help in providing a world class service to the patients. The major hospitals present in the metropolitan city provide the service in specialities like fetal medicine, plastic and cosmetic surgery, mental health, gynaecology, heart transplants and cardiac services, fetal cardiology, bone and joint health along with liver and digestive issues and urology, and the most important of all is the cancer treatments.


Bangalore offers a wide range of various latest technological services. With hospitals like Apollo, Fortis and Narayana Institute of cardiac sciences, Bangalore’s major hospitals provide many critical and life saving procedures. The aim is to meet the expectations and need of both national and international patients. Some of the hospitals in this area even provide facilities to the international patients. A person is generally assigned to them, who has the responsibility of arranging everything for the patient. In all the medical facilities they can avail here comes at a much lower cost than in their home countries.


Being a city of hospitals from almost half of the century, Chennai has also is the host of some of the major branches of a global chain of hospitals. These hospitals have areas like anesthesiology, bariatric surgery, ENT and Hepatology, gynaecology, breast oncology, dermatology,endocrinology and heart transplants that they excel in. Generally, the best and the most experienced doctors are situated here giving the best of their life saving advice at a much reasonable cause. Apart from the private chain of hospitals, Chennai also is the host of the temple of hospitals, Sri Ramachandra Medical Center. It has a vast infrastructure of 800 bedded hospital with around 200 beds in ICU. It has the best in-house facility of Gastroenterology, nephrology, and organ transplantations. The main and the most prominent feature of this destination is the fact that it focuses mainly on providing world class medical facilities with highly skilled professionals, that too at a very minimised cost.


Being India’s economic capital, Mumbai is the most rapidly developing destination for medical treatment in India. As a result of this, Mumbai has come up with a separate sector that acknowledges the existence of medical tourism companies. These aim to provide the clients with the most exclusive and particular treatment. They first identify the top doctors that will be the most beneficial for their clients after which they complete all the legal documentation of the medical visa and other documents on behalf of the patient. Apart from that, on the arrival of the patient, the companies offer them a pickup service along with a pre-booked stay at a hotel that is nearer to the desired hospital. Such services have helped improve the standing of Mumbai in terms of medical tourism. The metropolitan city is mainly famous for specialty hospitals that provide the latest treatment in the field of weight loss, cosmetic and orthopedic surgery. The city is also well known for the various internationally famous Ayurveda programs that link the country’s heritage to the sector of medical tourism. With hospitals like Fortis healthcare,Hiranandani, P D Hinduja Hospital and Tata memorial centre, there is no denying that it is one the most prominent destinations.


Goa houses the most famous hospitals like Apollo Victor and Wockhardt Hospital. The ApolloVictor is mainly famous for its Joint accreditation patients from New Zealand and Australia.Most of the procedures that are being performed on the international patients involve cosmetic and bariatric surgery, along with Ayurveda treatments and dentistry. Although the hospital is an integral part of the Apollo chain of world class medical facilities, it is mainly more popular than the others because of the location. Being one of the top vacation destination, most of the international patients prefer the city as it offers the perfect combination of both. Other than the Apollo Hospital, the Wockhardt Hospital is mainly famous for its highly skilled professionals that have perfected their abilities in the field of heart bypass, hip replacement and spinal fusion.Many attempts have also taken by the state government to back the medical tourism sector and ultimately increase the exchange of currency for the state.

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