How to Take CMC Vellore Appointment

CMC Vellore or the Christian Medical College is one of the topmost medical colleges in the country. Being one the largest hospital in the country, it manages over 8,000 patients daily. For it, the hospital is rightly equipped with the highly skilled and committed staff of doctors and paramedics. They work with the motto of putting their patients first and working with compassion and excellence. The doctors and the staff of the hospital are abreast with the latest cutting-edge technology and implement it for the benefit of their patients.

To effectively deal with the swarm of patients, CMC Vellore has come up with an online method to get patients registered in the system. The portal is there for outpatients who want to get an appointment with any or a particular doctor of the hospital.

To get an appointment following steps have to be followed:

Register as a new patient if not already registered.

The first step in the online portal is to register as a new patient. If someone is already registered in the system then he or she need not register again. For registering the, one has to open the CMC Vellore’s hospital site in this page

The page will open as follows –


The first link on the left-hand side (circled red) will show the link for booking the appointment. On clicking the link, the user will be will taken to another page, where all the instruction for booking the appointment are clearly mentioned for convenience.

The appointments that are distributed through this portal are only for the outpatient facility. As the OPD or the outpatient department of the hospital works only on weekdays, i.e., from Monday to Saturdays, therefore the appointments are only available for those days and not for Sundays.

Before further proceeding with registering on the portal and getting an appointment, one should always ensure the details that the patient requires. This is necessary because once the appointment has been taken online, the money will not be refunded later on. Even the detail of the appointment such as the unit or the department for which the appointment has to be taken cannot be changed after finalizing the details. Therefore one should be extra careful before booking the appointment and should confirm all the details beforehand.

However, the date of appointment can be changed until a day before the appointment date. Hence, a patient cannot change the date of his or her appointment on the day of the appointment. Once the appointment has been booked, the person has to present a valid government ID proof at the counter when he visits the hospital for the appointment. The payment of the appointment can be made through demand draft but only when the demand draft is submitted at the counter. The demand draft submitted via post will not be accepted by the institution.

The next step for registration is to check the box for agreeing to the mentioned terms and conditions and clicking on the ‘proceed’.

After clicking on ‘Proceed’ the following page appears –

First-time users have to register through the ‘New Patient’ link (Circled Blue) while those who have already registered before have to enter their login details to get an appointment. For this, the patients should have the hospital number that is assigned to them along with the year of birth. If the user doesn’t remember the hospital number there is also the option of entering without the hospital number (circled red). This enters the user to another portal.

Here, for entering into the portal the user has to enter the username and password he or she had set while registering for the first time.

For the new user, the following page will open –

The page has all the terms and conditions for the patients to get registered in the portal. One has to clearly read all the conditions stated before checking the box and proceeding further. The registration is taken to be a legal document and therefore all the details should be entered carefully and correctly. The details entered while registering will be used to develop a Chris card for the patient. The Chris card functions as an identity card for the patient within the premises of the institute. The card can also be used as a means of quick payment method for various laboratory and diagnostic services for CMC by getting it top-upped.

After accepting the terms and proceeding further, the following page appears –

This is the registration for where the patient has to enter all his or her personal details correctly. As the details entered is supposed to be copied into a legal document. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any discrepancies in the details entered.

Foreign patients need to require to input their passport details and visa details as well to authenticate their identity. The hospital will also require the passport and the visa details of the person/ persons who accompany the patient.

After filling all the details the user has to agree to the declarations and then click on proceed.

After submitting the form, the system will automatically generate the User ID and the password. One should note it down for future reference. This user Id and the password will help in the booking of future appointments under the same registration. The generation of the user id and the password represents successful registration of the patient.

Take appointment with specialist or OPD ( general or paid opd)

The next step is to take an appointment and by taking a time slot of the doctor. For this, the patient or the user first has to choose whether he or she wants to be consulted via the general OPD or the Private OPD. The general OPD consultation cost at ₹160/-, while the private OPD consultation cost ₹685/-. The user has also to choose the department at whose OPD he or she wants to consults. As soon as one chooses the department, the site gives the general information about the department such as the diseases and the organs that the department majorly concerns along with the symptoms of the disease and the most probable diagnosis that the hospital will provide with. The next step is to select the clinic falling under the selected department.

The details of the clinic will be displayed on the screen as soon as the user finalises it. If after reading the description, the user is unsure whether that particular clinic is correct or not, then one should try choosing another one. The final clinic must be the one that has the closest description of the symptoms of the patient.

How to take appointment or reappointment

The next step is to book the appointment. The appointment can be booked on the basis of two factors. One factor is the doctor while the other factor involves the choosing of the date. While choosing the doctor, a drop-down list such as below appears on the screen. The patient or the user has to choose among it and click on ‘Book Now’.

The second method of booking the appointment is by choosing the appointment slot via the date required by the patient.

In this, the patient has only the option to choose from the OPD dates only. As those days are allotted by the concerned doctor to see patients in the OPD. After choosing the desired date, the list of the slots will be visible as a drop-down list. The user has to choose from the slots and book from the available ones.


After the appointment has been the fixed the next step is to finalise the appointment through payment. The payment gateway can be approached either through the Credit/ debit card or through the net banking service.

After selecting the desired mode of payment, the user should click on ‘proceed payment’.

One should choose according to the required bank service and pay for the consultation fees of the outpatient department that has been chosen. After the payment has been made, the user will have to wait for the appointment to get confirmed from the side of the hospital, and subsequently, show up for the appointment after successfully booking it.

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