How to Reduce Wrinkles on Face (23 Ways)

The wrinkles on the skin are something that surely betrays age, apart from giving you a dull look and people are always looking for the fastest and best way to reduce wrinkles. You may be in your late thirties or early fifties; the very appearance of those creases and lines makes you conscious of your passing age.

This is more so in the case of women. People believe this to be inevitable and can do very little to stop it. However, experts like Robin Ashinoff, MD, a dermatologist at the Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey feel that with the availability of new technology, the appearance of wrinkles can be avoided or at least delayed to a great extent, giving you that much-desired glowing skin.

The opinions of Dr. Ashinoff and several experts are enumerated below in the form of 23 tips that can help you to reduce wrinkles. Some of the suggestions may require visits to the clinic of a dermatologist.

Things to do to reduce wrinkles on face

1. Keep away from sunlight

Researches point out that exposure to sunlight is by far the biggest reasons for the formation of wrinkles. One particular study carried out by Derrick Antell, M.D. reveals that it can have a greater effect than hereditary. Difference of sun-exposure even on identical twins and siblings can have a different bearing on the appearance of wrinkles and the overall looks.

2. Use sunscreen to reduce wrinkles

The American Academy of Dermatology advises to use sun screen lotion while going out which will provide protection against skin cancer as well as go a long way to reduce the development of wrinkles on your skin.

3. Quit smoking

Although it is yet to be fully established, many studies point out that smoking can be responsible for the development of wrinkles. Smoking releases the enzyme that separates the collagen and elastin which are two of the vital components in the skin. Twin Research Unit at St. Thomas Hospital, London conducted a study on twins and found that either of the twins who smoked develop more wrinkles and his or her skin is thinner by 40%.

4. Sleep well helps to reduce wrinkles

If you do not get adequate sleep, excess cortisol, which is a hormone responsible for the breaking up of the cell in the skin, is produced. On the contrary, adequate amount of sleep accentuates the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone). This hormone in the body makes the skin thick, elastic and wrinkle-free.

5. Sleep on your back

While sleeping in the face-down position can result in a furrowed brown, sleeping in the side-on position can produce sleep-lines on the cheeks and chin which would remain so even after you are up. That is why the American Academy of Dermatology advises to sleep on the back instead of sleeping on the sides or face-down.

6. Avoid squinting

The AAD observes that any repetitive movement of the facial muscles like squinting can eventually result in wrinkles. So, use sunglasses to avoid the wrinkles on the face and also keep the eyes safe from the damage due to sunlight and reduce wrinkles.

7. Take fish regularly

“Eating fishes like salmon contain enough protein and omega -3 fatty acid, which is helpful to keep your skin youthful”, says Perricone. So, consuming plenty of cold water fish goes a long way in reducing wrinkles.

8. Take ample amount of soy helps to reduce wrinkles

Although the findings are only limited to studies conducted on animals, soy is known to check the harmful effects of sun-exposure on the skin. A case-study, which was published in the European Journal of Nutrition, reveals that the intake of soy, along with fish and extracts of tomato, grape seeds, and tomatoes brought in appreciable changes in the elasticity and structure of the skin after only six months.

9. Take cocoa instead of coffee helps to reduce wrinkle development

Epicatchin and catchin, are a couple of flavanols found in cocoa. It makes the skin healthier by increasing the blood circulation in skin, protecting it from the harmful effects of sun.

10. Take plenty of vegetable curry and fruit salads

“Anti-oxidants protect the skin from free radicals,” says Kruas. Fruits as well as vegetables have plenty it. So, taking them is important for a glowing skin.

11. Apply moisturizer

“Women often are not conscious of the good effects of moisturizer and go for anti-aging products. But using a moisturizer provides a wet look and camouflages the wrinkles. So, it is better to use a moisturizer,” advices Ashinoff.

12. Take care not to wash your skin too much

Experts at the Maryland Medical Center proscribe against frequent rinsing of your face with soap in tap water as it washes off the natural oil from the skin. This will result in the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. So, instead of using soap, it is better to wash the face with a cleanser.

Some topical applications that can reduce wrinkles
Researches reveal that the topical application of some of these products can help in reducing the wrinkles. In fact, many of the skin care products available in the market contain them.

13. Alpha-hydroxyl acids (AHAs)

Use of alpha-hydroxyl acids on the skin removes the dead cells on the skin which prompts the production of new skin cells. This reduces wrinkles. It can also hasten up the production of collagen.

14. Retinoids

This is the only product used for the treatments of wrinkles that has been approved by the FDA. Retinol is Vitamin A in its natural form and when used in higher doses can also be effective like Retin A, minus any side effects like itching and burning sensation.

15. Vitamin C

Research conducted at Tulane University shows that the use of topical vitamin c can have beneficial effects on the skin. They include protection of the skin from harmful effects of UV rays and production collagen. The L-ascorbic acid is known to be the best vitamin c that stops the formation of wrinkles on the skin.

16. Idebenone

Idebenone is a potent anti-oxidant. A study paper which part of the Dermatology Journal points that after using it for one and half months the rough and dry nature of the skin decreased by 26%, wrinkles reduced by 29% and moisture content increased by 37% and the overall structure and look of the skin improved by 33%.

17. Growth fats

Topical application of them can increase the production of collagen, protect the skin from skin damage and reduce wrinkles.

18. Pentapeptides

Topical application of pentapeptides increases the production of collagen and reduces wrinkles. This has been revealed in a study paper that was tabled in the recently held conference of dermatology. The National Institute of Health also supports this.

Useful Medical/Spa treatment to reduce wrinkles:-

19. Botox

The injection of Botulinum toxin A in its purified form relaxes the muscles below the wrinkled skin. This helps the overlying skin to be wrinkle-free.

20. Wrinkle fillers

Dermatologists fill up the space just below the wrinkle in order to make it taut. Hyluronic acid, collagen and other artificially prepared compounds are used for the purpose. ArteFill, Juvederm and Restylane are some of the treatment options.

21. Laser/light treatment

In this case, light is used to abrade a layer of the skin. This activates the natural mechanism that produces the collagen in the body. This in turn, helps in making the skin wrinkle-free.

22. Chemical peels

Instead of light, the top most layer of the skin is abraded with the help of chemicals as well. This gives a boost to the  collagen production’ mechanism in the body. As a result, the skin becomes healthier and wrinkle-free.

23. Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion, done with chemical crystals and vacuum suction abrades the overlying layer of the skin. This helps the body to produce new skin. Formation of this new layer of skin reduce wrinkles in the skin.

It’s best to consult a dermatologist regardless whether you choose home remedies or modern cosmetic procedures to reduce wrinkles.

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