PRS Hospital Trivandrum

PRS hospital Trivandrum
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Killipalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - 695002
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The PRS hospital Trivandrum was established in the year 1986. The hospital is accommodated with a world class intensive care unit along with fertility and IVF centre and a 24 hour emergency service. PRS hospital Trivandrum is provided with the latest equipment and world class modern facility.

PRS hospital Trivandrum own around 300 bedded structure that has many super specialty departments. These include cardiac care, IVF & fertility, Neuro Care unit, Liver clinic, Renal transplant unit, MRI scans, Bike ambulance, emergency services and many others. Along with this, the hospital provides educational courses like masters in emergency medicine ( MEM ), Indian Diploma in critical care, paramedical courses in dialysis, radiology and laboratory and a separate school for nursing.

PRS hospital Trivandruml provides accident and emergency centres. These include the PRS REACT ( Rapid
Emergency and critical care team), PRS FAST ( First aid smart training), CRV ( cardio rescue vehicle ) ambulance and a rail emergency room in central railways. It is also laced with the recent and the most cutting edge technology like neuro ICU and stroke unit, neonatal ICU, multidisciplinary ICU, cardiac ICU, dialysis center, blood bank with apheresis, CT scan, MRI scan of 1.5 tesla, and India’s first GE Innova Gen-3 cath lab. The hospital also has an integrated outpatient facility in its infrastructure along with several highly equipped systems of operation theatres and CCR.

There are several clinics that are associated with the hospital. These include liver clinic, neuro care stroke unit, bike ambulance, Renal transplant unit, memory clinic, MRI scan, diet clinic and well baby clinic. There are certain facilities that help the patients and their facilities during their stay. These include insurance department, canteen, backup service, along with an electronic data processing component.

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