Parkijuli Christian Hospital

Hospital Adress: Kalajhar Rd, Hatiduba, Baksa, Assam 781360, India

Specialities Available: , ,

Parkijuli Hospital in Baksa is a Missionary Hospital providing medical facilities in and around Assam and Bhutan Border area. Though the hospital is remotely located, it outsources various specialties from Guwahati and manages a specialist OPD efficiently. So, during emergency or non OPD hours, a specialist may not be available.
This is the only hospital in this general area which is capable of carrying out emergency and life saving s.

Parkijuli Hospital has very limited infrastructure, though they provide facilities like laboratories, X-ray and Ultrasound.

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  1. The biggest problem of this hospital is, doctors are not available most of the times. Forget a Sunday, even on weekdays, you may not find a doctor. How can you rely on them when there is an emergency?

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