Mayo Hospital Lucknow

Mayo Hospital Lucknow
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Vikas Khand -2, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh - 226010
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Mayo Hospital Lucknow or Mayo Mrdical Centre was Uttar Pradesh’s first multispecialty hospital that is well equipped with high-tech equipment for both diagnostic and therapeutic services that the hospital provides for the patients. It comprises of a 300 bedded infrastructure which over the years extended into a 736 bedded facility. Being one of the first and the best multi-specialty hospital in the area, the hospital is well developed and highly equipped with the latest technological medical instruments in nearly every field of medicine.

The surgical department of the Mayo Hospital Lucknow is also very well versed in nearly all types of surgical procedures that is integrated with highly skilled professionals. All this has helped the hospital evolve into a centre of excellence in the field of medical healthcare. The hospital offers a 24/7 emergency care service that is associated with the working of critical care ambulance, trauma care, accidental care and imaging and laboratories for diagnostic purposes.

All these services are coupled together and work round the clock. Apart from the usual healthcare sectors, the hospital is also known as the best center for neurological care. The hospital also owns a intensive care unit or the ICU along with HDU,CCU, PCU and NICU. Along these have been equipped with high end technological systems. Especially the NICU, which is more than ready to deal with cases like high risk babies, premature babies, respiratory or congenital malformations, and extremely low birth weight.

Mayo Hospital Lucknow also runs an OPD or the outdoor patient department where the hospital aims to provide the primary care to its patients at a very minimal cost. The institute conducts several educational programs in the Mayo institute of medical sciences and Mayo school of nursing.
In Mayo Hospital Lucknow the students are helped to pursue medical study and have independent projects in the field of nursing education.

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