Holy Family Hospital New Delhi

Hospital Adress: Okhla Rd, Okhla, New Delhi, Delhi 110025, India

The Holy family hospitals  New Delhi is governed by the Delhi Catholic Archdiocese
and developed by the Holy Family Hospital Society.

The Holy family hospital at Delhi was originally established in the year 1953 by the Medical
Mission Sisters. The foundation stone was laid by the vice president of India, Dr. Sarvapalli
Radhakrishnan along with the Health Minister of India, Ms. Rajkumari Amrit Kaur. Later on in
1860, it registered as a charitable institution. After which it was transferred to under the
management of Delhi Catholic Archdiocese in 1990.

The hospital follows the philosophy of its founder, Mother (Dr.) Anna Dengel, according to
whom “A caring Attitude” is the hallmark of all the services offered and not just the
dignity but also the divinity in a human person is recognized in all our endeavors”. The
organization aims to deliver the best to fulfill the trust of the patients and their relatives. Being an
institute of Catholic origin, it has been dedicated towards the hospitality, healing, stewardship,
and respect for the patients.

The hospital currently has an infrastructure of 332 beds, that is been spread in a vast space of 23
acres. Having the bests equipped 32 emergency beds, 52 beds in ICU, 7 Operation Rooms and 37
Outpatient Department Clinics, the hospital has covered a plethora of field in medicine. This is
further enriched by the presence of additional services that the institution provides with the finest
of the facility. These include In-House Blood Bank, Food Services, Medical Records, Pharmacy,
Physiotherapy, Pastoral Care, Maintenance, IT, Laundry and Housekeeping. Along with these,
the hospital owns a Medical Library with more than 8,500 books and various medical journals
and magazines which help in polishing the brightest minds at the institute with the recently
developed cutting edge technology. The recently installed solar panels are the hospital’s way of
using renewable sources of energy and have enabled it to generate energy that is enough for the
hospital to run on its own.

The hospital has 16 different super specialized departments ranging from medicine and pediatrics
to psychiatry and plastic surgery. Along with this, it has facilities that play a greater role in the
betterment of the patient’s care. To name a few, these facilities are Ayurveda, community health,
emergency OPDs, Health checkups, Homeopathy, ICU, Lab, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, and
Radiology. The organization is mainly known for its highly skilled and experienced doctors that
are present in the department of ENT and general surgery. Apart from this the hospital also
manages a 24×7 patient care facility.

Furthermore, the hospital also runs certain educational programs such as the B.Sc. (Hons.)
Nursing course, the General Nursing & Midwifery Course, the Certified Radiological Assistant
Course and Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology course. These help in nurturing young
and give them a career where they can serve the society.

The hospital recently inaugurated its own pediatric ICU and Cath Lab. This has completed a
major milestone in the institute’s road to have the latest technology to serve the patients. Along
with this the hospital also got its NABH (National Accreditation Board For Hospitals & Health
Care Providers)and NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration

Laboratories)certification. The NABH certificate is the mark that the hospital has marked its
quality of patient-centered standards and organization centered standards. The NABL certificate
marks the quality of the tests that are performed by the laboratory facility of the institute.The
hospital has recently laced with the latest models of MRI and along with the latest equipments
needed in microbiology, serology and urology laboratories.

The hospital has set certain goals that it has to achieve in the future. It aims to further expand its
nursing school into medical school and procure excellence in the academics that is provided. For
the betterment of the society, the institute plans to develop a rural outreach program. This
program intents on reaching out to people at large in the rural area and help them at a very
nominal price. The main future objective of the hospital is to expand its infrastructure to with a
100 bedded hospital in Gurgaon, 40 bedded hospital in Mewat and a 40 bedded hospital at

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