10 Dental Hospitals in Hyderabad

To have healthy mouth, teeth and gums, it is essential that one practices good dental health
routine and maintains it. It helps in maintaining the quality of life as well as the person’s
appearance. There are several dental hospitals in the city that help in maintaining our dental
health. The top 10 of them are as follows –

1. Dr. Sridhar International Dental Hospital & Research Center, K.P.H.B. Colony

The is one of the best and one of the most reputed dental hospitals in India. The goal is to
achieve solutions to dental problems, through the path of integrated, multidisciplinary and
comprehensive approach. It consists of a well established education center along with the center
of excellence. Established in the year 1995, it specializes in the areas of oral, dental and maxillo
facial surgery. It provides top-notch dental services like endodontic, crown bridges, dentures,
oral maxillo surgery, implants, orthodontics, cosmetic surgery, pediatric dentistry, gum care, and
laser dentistry. The hospital also has the latest technology of CEREC CAD/CAM. This helps in
making a ceramic dental implant with the help of computer technologies.

2. FMS Dental Hospital, Kukatpally.

Established in the year 1993, it is named after Dr. Pierre Fauchard who is the father of dentistry.
The institute aims at providing the best dental service and quality dental care. It is a complete,
superspeciality center with in-patient facility and a 24 hour emergency service center. It has 10
major dental superspeciality departments that help it to achieve the title of Face makeover and
smile Clinics. The hospital also has most the high maintenance equipments such as CAD and
CAM in their dental laboratories and dental CBCT scans. It has recently received the Times of
India award in 2017, for the ‘Best Hospital of the Year & The Legends of the Year- Dental
Services’. It has 9 branches in Hyderabad itself, with a dental college of its own.

3. KIMS dental Care

KIMS dental care is a part of KIMS multi-speciality hospital. It has best experienced doctors in
the city along with highly equipped laboratories. It has highly equipped 5 electrically operated
Dental Chairs, 100% Sterilization with total infection control system, Intra Oral Camera for
patient motivation and education, and Intra Oral X-ray with OPG attached. The services
provided by the institute are CBCT imaging, Dental Implants, Dental Crowns, Cosmetic
Dentistry, Dental Laser Treatment, Wireless orthodontics, Pediatric dental care, Dental jewellery
and Geriatric Dentistry.

4. Kukatpally Dental Hospital, Kukatpally

It is one of the first dental hospitals in the region, established in 1993, it has been one of the best
equipped and experienced teams of doctors and dental surgeons. The facility provides a 24×7
emergency service and aims to provide services that make the patients feel at home. It follows
International standards of sterilization which ensures maximum safety to prevent infectious and
wide spread diseases (Hepatitis, Bacterial and fungal infections etc.,) along with help of highly
sophisticated dental equipments.

5. Datta Sai Multispeciality Dental Hospitals, Nallakunta

The Datta Sai Multispeciality Dental Hospitals administer the best dental treatment planning
with the implementation of restorative or cosmetic dentistry in order to attain good dental health.
It is known to provide the best dental care in case of an emergency. The institute works on the
goal of preventing the common dental diseases by generating public awareness. The facility has
set a standard of service and sterilisation for patient care. It provides the following dental
services – Root Canal, Cleaning (Scaling), Dental Fillings, Cosmetic Fillings, Dental Implants,
Laser Bleaching, Removal of Tooth Decay, Rehabilitation of Missing Teeth, Replacing Missing
Teeth, Fixed Bridge, Dentures, and Gum Diseases.

6. Vasavi Dental Care, Serilingampally

The Vasavi Dental Care is a Multispeciality Dental Clinic which aims to provide the best dental
care in Hyderabad. It ensures that patients are supervised by experienced doctors, without any
compromisation in patient care. The laboratories and the facility are equipped with all the latest
diagnostic features, such as Lasers and Dental Implants (Nobel Biocare). It focuses mainly on
child dental care, along with dental surgeries and other aspects.

7. Dantam-The Dental Lounge, Somajiguda

With three branches in Hyderabad itself, Dantam represents a chain of premium multi-speciality
dental clinics located in the heart of the city. The facility provides sophisticated diagnostic and
therapeutic care in virtually every speciality and subspeciality of dentistry. It implements an
extensive range of services ranging from basic dental work to advanced cosmetic surgery. It also
aims to provide personalised care in a safe and sterile environment with minimal pain and
discomfort to the patient. It mainly focuses its services on providing quality treatment and
informed cost-effective, patient-oriented service. They provide the services of Composite
tooth-colored fillings, crowns and bridges, removable dentures and dental implants.

8. International Dental Care, Banjara Hills

International Dental Care works as a Superspeciality Center for Cosmetic Dentistry,
Orthodontics & Implants. It is specialized in providing premier dental services to the patients.
The primary purpose of this center is to offer excellence and superior patient care with an
emphasis on cosmetic dentistry, smile design, orthodontics, growth modulation and implants.
The dental services provided by the center are Dental Implants, Crowns, Inlays, Onlays, bridges
and braces, lingual braces, Dentures, and Veneers.

9. Anand Bagh Super Speciality Dental Hospital, Malkajgiri

Anandbagh Super Speciality Dental Hospital is a reputed dental care clinic in Hyderabad which
aims at offering its services to provide Painless and flawless dental care to the patients. With a
set of skilled and experienced surgeons, their goal is to provide cost affordable treatment. The
facility is also highly equipped with specialised and latest technologies. The hospital provides all
kinds of Dental services under one roof including Ceramic braces, Single Visit Root Canal
Treatment, Laser Gum Surgery, Crowns and Bridges, Gum Surgery, Procera and Zirconia
Braces, Trainers for kids painless Root Canal Treatment (RCT), Implants, Zoom bleaching,
Invisible braces, Lingual braces, and Gum whitening.

10. The Dental Specialists

The Dental Specialists is one of the most reputed dental hospitals in Hyderabad, with two
hospitals. It is managed by a team of highly experienced cosmetic dentists and dental surgeons
specializing in implants and other complex dental treatments. The facility has doctors with their
own area of speciality, therefore, offering complex implants and dental surgery treatments.The
dental hospital is fully equipped to handle procedures like advanced dental implants, Implant
Supported Removable Dentures, Jaw-line Recontouring, Composite bonding, Orthodontics,
Tooth Whitening, totally Pain-Free Sedation care, and all aspects of implant dentistry

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