Dealing with Tooth Decay with Natural Solutions

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Some tortures are physical and some are mental, but the one that is both is dental

A good percent of people suffer from dental problems. It may be because of harmful intakes or carelessness. Most of you are not even able to figure out what is stealing the beauty of your teeth. Whatever, diseased tooth always leaves negative impression. No matter how nicely you are dressed, how smartly you speak, or how intelligently you do things, people choose to stand at a distance from you. I personally highly appreciate those who keep teeth clean, free from diseases, and shining. Hardly matters whether they do it for good looks or for good impression, healthy tooth is what they have.

They say that a true smile heals others’ pain. Nonetheless, it can be an adverse situation in case of unhealthy teeth. If you suffer cavity or other dental issues, go through the following. Here, we promise to list natural ways to heal tooth decay. First, we will discuss the cause of tooth decay.

As per dental experts, tooth decay is caused by the carbohydrates including starch and sugar that are left on teeth. These carbs are generally found in cakes, raisins, candy, milk, and pop. Bacteria in mouth grow on these foods and produce acids. Gradually, these acids damage tooth enamel that leads to tooth decay.

Tooth decay can also be caused by the absence minerals, Vitamins A, D, E, & K in daily diet. Other causes include excessive intake of sugar and foods with Phytic Acid. You can easily deal with these causes with the help of slight change in diet and some important add-on’s.

Besides brushing and flossing on a daily basis, following are the hacks you should know and implement to prevent or cure tooth decay.

Remove Sugar from Diet

Be a little strict with yourself and sacrifice your love for sugar containing foods. When it comes to curing tooth decay, sugar needs to be removed from your diet. Due to sugar, oral bacteria prevent healthy flow of dental fluids. Moreover, sugar is excessively acidic and decriminalizes or decalcifies the content that is responsible for teeth structure. As a result, you suffer dental decay. Be firm today to stay away from candy, soda, and other sugar foods. You can instead use excellent alternatives to sugar like maple syrup, dates, raw honey, and juices. Artificial sweeteners are equally dangerous not for tooth only but for entire health. Stick to stevia to sate your appetite for sweet.

Include Nutrients and Raw Dairy to Your Diet

Laden with minerals, Vitamin K2 and D3, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, raw dairy greatly helps you combat tooth decay. It keeps a healthy flow of dental fluid and hence helps you maintain healthy teeth. Raw cheese and goat’s milk are among nicest options.

Remove Phytic Acid

As mentioned above that too much amount of Phytic Acid results in tooth decay, you need to remove it from diet. Phytic Acid blocks minerals and inhibits enzyme present in nuts, beans, grains, and seeds. It leads to severe issues in body. It results in nutrient deficiency, digestion issues, lack of appetite, and dental decay. In order to deal with it, consume GMO free and organic food. Nuts, beans, soy, and grains have Phytic Acid in large amount, avoid them. Nonetheless, these foods when soaked and sprouted or fermented reduce a good amount of Phytic Acid.

Toothpaste with no Fluoride

You can mineralize your toothpaste. There are brands that offer toothpaste with no fluoride, use it to deal with tooth decay. Or if you find it an expensive solution, make it at home by using coconut oil, stevia, baking soda, magnesium or calcium powder, peppermint or clove oil. There you go!

Rock Salt with Mustard Oil

Last but not the least, the easiest remedy is to make a paste with rock salt and mustard oil and massage the teeth. Take half a tea spoon mustard oil and a pinch of rock salt, mix well, apply on gums and massage for 5 minutes. Following massage, leave the paste on gums for 10 minutes. Do it every day.

Now you can smile with confidence.

Have a healthy tooth!

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