CT Scan Cost in Delhi

CT Scan cost in Delhi

CT scan or computed tomography is used to visualise the internal organs of the body and to detect any structural abnormalities that are present in the internal structure of different physiological organs and organ system.

Being one of the main technology to detect abnormalities, it has become quite common for doctors to recommend the test. Due to this, CT scans have become quite common and therefore have covered an entire sector of the medical imaging market.

Delhi being one of the major medical tourism places, it has a forest of centres that have CT scan machines installed. Based on the technology and the advancements present in the machine along with the part of the body that has to be scanned, the cost of the CT scan is decided.

The minimum cost of the test is approximately 1000 – 2000. This is when CT scan of the brain tissue
is done. While the maximum cost of the test is around 20,000 when CT scan of the chest or abdominal blood vessels is done that come under the angiography test.

The summary of all types in accordance with the variability in the cost is given as under.

● CT scan of brain or NCCT brain = 3000
● NCCT chest or the CT scan of chest = 5000
● NCCT hand or CT scan of hand = 6000
● CECT brain or contrast CT of the brain = 4000
● CT along with 3D reconstruction = 6000
● CT along with angiography of the abdomen = 10000
● Abdomen CT along with dual phase = 14000
● Abdomen CT along with triple phase = 14000
● Abdominal chest CT along with angiography = 20000
● Ankle CT = 6000
● Ankle contrast CT = 9000
● Aortic angiography CT = 14000
● Brain CT with orbit = 8000
● Brain CT with perfusion = 8000
● Bronchoscopy CT = 11000
● Carotid angiography CT = 12000
● Chest contrast CT = 6000
● Chest upper abdomen contrast = 18000
● Cisternography CT = 15000
● CT angiography of heart = 20000
● HRCT scan of temporal bone = 4000
● HRCT chest scan = 6500
● CT wrist scan contrast = 9000
● CT wrist = 5000
● CT spine = 20000
● CT abdomen + Urogram = 9000

The costs that are mentioned above belong to the CT scan machines that are installed in privately owned infrastructure. The cost mentioned also denote the cost of the basic type of the machine that includes 16 slices. Consequently, if machines used performs 32, 64, 126, 252 slices then the cost of the test increases drastically.

The cost at government facilities is much lower than that of the private ones. Apart from the subsidiary provided by the government itself, recently the Delhi government also introduced a scheme where it tied up with 21 centres of CT scan providers to give the facility free of cost.

Apart from that, central government hospitals like AIIMS provide the test at a maximum cost of 2000 to 3000. But the waiting period may be upto months.

The free of cost scheme provided by the government in Delhi for all types of imaging technologies including CT scan has considerably reduced the load that was before on the government hospitals and diagnostic centres.

Private labs also charge an advisory amount apart from the basic charge of the test. The advisory amount depends on the type of test that has been conducted. Therefore, it may range from a minimum advisory cost of 1000 to a maximum advisory amount of 3000.

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